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Show HN: "Who is hiring" mapped (gaganpreet.github.io)
288 points by gsa 1166 days ago | hide | past | web | 71 comments | favorite

It's strange how in California hiring is completely absent in all parts but Los Angeles and San Francisco. No San Diego? No Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo? No Sacramento? Interesting. I knew tech was concentrated in the hubs, but I would have expected a little dissent.

Part of it is the source code. It specifically scans for keywords such as SoMA and associates it with SF. Other countries / states / cities get no such special treatment.

Made me sad as my company in Hong Kong (and all others in Asia) doesn't show up.

To be fair, saying everything on Hacker News is in San Francisco is like walking into San Francisco and saying everything is in San Francisco.

It's a lot easier to relocate to Palo Alto from e.g. Davis than to anywhere in California from, say, St. Louis.

Exactly: the magnetic pole effect. Similar with nightlife. People wbo love the night go to san francisco in droves, leaving the south bay quite tame.

You have to remember this is entirely self-selected. Just because there's probably a number of tech companies in those areas doesn't mean employees there are counting the days down to the first of each month to post here.

I have always been surprised how little startup activity there is in Santa Cruz.

I wish there were more jobs on the Central Coast.

While nothing like the Bay Area and LA, there are quite a few jobs available on the Central Coast. The catch is that they are almost always filled via personal connections rather than job announcements.

Creator of curatedhnhiring.com here. This is good stuff. I'm going to hand enter all the locations for October tonight, but you can compare your auto-generated September data against https://github.com/perspectivezoom/curated-hn-hiring/blob/gh.... Also, I don't know if you care about accommodating this, but a lot of HN Who's Hiring posts list multiple locations.

Trying to match for multiple locations might have resulted in more false positives (eg: a job listing mentioning they received funding from someone in SF). In any case, I felt it made sense to show only one data point per post.

Thanks for sharing Curated HN Hiring, it looks really good. I'll cross-verify the data sometime later today.

Edit: Wrote a quick and dirty script to match the locations. I noticed 4 wrong matches, the rest matched up.

Quite similar to the GitHub map from a few days ago[1], i.e. no Latin America, (almost)no Asia, no Africa.

[1] http://aasen.in/github_globe/

That map actually made me wonder if I should start a local open source consultancy practice in East/Southeast Asia (which has been my home for a decade or so). If anyone else's in the region and potentiall keen, feel free to get in touch by email. I've run a few businesses here already.

Picked up interest from Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand so far. Meeting Monday in Bangkok: the more the merrier.

Well for large parts of Asia they are probably not hanging around on an English speaking website.

No Portugal, Italy or Greece as well.

Great job! I have always been curious about which HN Hiring posts were in my general area (Washington DC) and only got exact matches when doing a simple Ctrl+F. This map shows a few companies just outside the city in NOVA (northern Virginia), Maryland, and the like.


Ugh this just makes me sad. I want to move to Portland next summer, and I've been watching for jobs in Portland. Right now I don't see any jobs but I keep seeing more, and more jobs in DC. I hate DC, I want out!


Plenty of tech hiring going on in stumptown these days. Just one source:


We're hiring in Portland (Kongregate)

Hey thanks for responding. I'll take a look at your company.

I just ran the crawler and see one mapped to Portland. There are two more if you use full text filter (currently I'm storing only location per post).

Also watch the user groups, most of which run on google groups. Not a lot of Portland participation on HN, a few here and there.

Thanks for the tip...seriously I really appreciate it. I've been sitting in some IRC rooms on Freenode but I've been quiet.

You bet, thought of a couple more links to track PDX tech activity, therefore groups, companies and jobs:

http://www.geekportland.com/ http://calagator.org/ http://epdx.org/resources

Good luck!

I'be been building a command line Perl app Gutsy https://github.com/gryftir/gutsy to parse Who is Hiring and export to text/html, but this certainly displays a lot nicer.

The one thing is, does it only check the first line for info? While that's where it should go per the posting guidelines, I found people don't always follow the suggested format.

Maybe people should put their GPS rather than just location, I wanted to see exactly where in London, unless everyone works on The Strand.

Just a random tip for anybody casually looking at the Columbia, MO or Bloomington, IN jobs. I know nothing about either job, but I do know the area and those are both pretty hip little college towns, so I wouldn't discount them entirely if you talked to them and liked the gig, but were turned off by the location.

If you're into hip college towns, I agree. You won't find a big tech scene there though. If it ends up being a good job, that's great; if it doesn't, you won't likely have many other options.

That's kind of the tradeoff of hip college towns, right? The good news is that if you're willing to relocate there, you're probably also willing to relocate away from there.

In Columbia the only big tech employers I know of are Veterans United, Carfax, IBM, and the University of Missouri (I work for the University). Outside of that opportunities are limited. There are some smaller shops, and of course people working remotely (for the likes of Zapier, Heroku, and Mozilla). If you're curious about the scene check out http://devcomo.com/

Seattle representation is on par with Chattanooga, TN. This is surprising to me.

By no means is Chattanooga anywhere close to Seattle when it comes to the tech scene (or a variety of scenes for that matter) but it's got a lot of promise and the startup scene is growing. Check out http://noogastartups.com to see the directory we recently threw together.

My Seattle post is missing from the map, so the accuracy is questionable.

Your post skipped my pattern because it matches for "Seattle, WA", not "SEATTLE, WA".

So make it case insensitive?

Incredibly useful for job hunters and well executed! The map view needs some clever hack to increase readability in popular places like SF and London - maybe a brief description pop-up would do the trick?

Seconded being able to see all the roles in an area as a list would be really usefull.

OP: regarding this comment in your README: "I'm not sure if there's a better way to organize the gh-pages branch so it's convenient to manage and use via Github Pages at the same time."

You can, in the repo settings, change the default branch to gh-pages: http://screencast.com/t/VTHVE6oXRT Then you can delete the master branch if you want.

Oh cool. There are two within 1,000 miles of me.

Nice. Looks like some datapoints failed to get mapped and defaulted to West Africa though. Also this looks like it could be a good fit for web-gl globe? http://code.google.com/p/webgl-globe/

0,0 is where coordinate conversion fails end up. As a GIS developer, when something is not showing up on a map, I always zoom over to W Africa to see if it is showing up there.

it washes up on the shores of Null Island http://www.nullisland.com

Interestingly, going to 0,0 in Google Maps shows an icon for Ace Lock Service Inc.

Just noticed that too. What surprises me the most about this is that only ONE business/landmark is listed at 0,0 in the entire Google Maps.

Perhaps they only allow 1 landmark per location? That would help solve the problem of having multiple entries per business in their database.

But run into problems when two separate businesses are located on different floors in the same building. Not to mention you don't need many lat/long decimal places at all to get tens or hundreds of possible points in a medium-sized building.

Nice visualisation, thanks for sharing.

Perhaps add the option to reset the view, as currently have to rerun the search.

Can you do the same for HN's "Who's available for hire" monthly posts?

Is there such a post? I only know of the "Who is hiring" and the freelancer posts.

It would be awesome to see this for the freelancer / seeking freelance posts too.

I created a similar one (when I got out of my job) for github jobs some time ago, http://getajob.aws.af.cm/

Is the location filter busted? I keep ending up lost at sea when entering queries like "Europe" and "United States".

Really love the philosophy of the project, though.

Location filter is based on what's returned by the Google Geocoding API. United States is stored as USA. Europe's a continent, so it's not there but you can use a regex like, "Germany|Netherlands"

Ah. Could I persuade you to enter some examples in the input field as a `placeholder=` attribute such as

    placeholder="USA, Germany|Netherlands"

Done! Github will take a few minutes to show the latest version.

I posted something late last night. Are you planning to update it again? Great tool. Thanks!

As a college student looking for an internship at the kind of company who posts on Hacker News, thank you so much. This is great.

I loved how AngularJS jobs have exploded!

Me too :)

Hey, Intercom is hiring in Dublin, Ireland (along with Gilt, and Hubspot). Just FYI.

(Irish people love to be represented :) )

Do you update manually, or wrote a parser?

If the latter, how do you know which words correspond to location?

Nice job btw.

Why is Portland not marked ? There is at least 1 job opening posted for that location.

hm, I just checked, and I was surprised to not see any either. Someone from Kongregate mentioned that they're hiring, but otherwise, seems like no one's posted a job listing with the characters "Portland" or "PDX" this month.

Lots of offshore development going in the Gulf of Guinea!

This map is extremely helpful. Thanks gsa!

Really neat tool. Thanks for building and sharing this.

This is quite an amazing interface, very cool indeed!

A backend/frontend filter might be useful.

The most useful visualization of the thread.

why not include China?

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