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It would be great if public libraries offered this service (or one like it) to their patrons. My local library offers Overdrive Media Console [1], but the selection always seems to be lacking and the apps are subpar. An electronic rental service with books that people actually want to read would be killer and could save libraries money. My library system has cut back on inter-library requests because of shrinking funding, and an electronic delivery system could help cut costs.

[1] http://omc.overdrive.com

My library co-op uses the same system, and while they do have books I want to read, they're often out of stock of the ebook. That irritates me enough to not borrow ebooks from them.

Not sure what system my library uses, but mine has a wait-list that will check out the ebook for you when it's your turn.

Either way: given that many public libraries offer ebook rentals for free, Scribd should be marketing to them rather than directly to customers.

I have several ebooks for sale on Amazon. I tried to DONATE unlimited access to them to my local public library, and I cannot get them to return or even acknowledge my repeated emails about it.

My library has overdrive as well, and I get the books on the kindle (app). There's an option to read on their site, but the software sucks compared to the dedicated reader. I think they also do adobe's epub as well.

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