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I was thinking about why I'm here, reading this "was it not for the content", overly-long and boring thread:

I gain something from these posts, as these are experiences of real people. Why is any procrastinator here, reading, rather than doing something that should be done? Why do certain news titles or content seem more interesting than others. I skimmed some titles and noticed that some words grabbed my attention more than others. Thinking on these words let me remember exciting things that I had done before. They have a strong (emotional) fingerprint in my memory. But then again, why did I do those things in the first place? Maybe they were brought out in a setting that already made me feel good, and thus there was no friction sliding in to the work that, in turn, left me with the memory.

Could these prehaps be combined to something resembling self-triggered strong drive to accomplish a task?

I don't know. Maybe this is stupid and obvious, but I though to share, maybe it'll spark something.

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