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Answer number one

Would you waste time while your boss watches you?

Get someone who would sit by you while you work. I convinced a friend to sit by me for 45 minutes everyday while I write a story. The friend does not write a word, I do all the writing and it’s been a about 3 weeks now and the book is about 15k words already. Use this technique on one task at a time.

Answer Number two

Commitment contracts - get the book carrots and sticks. The most useful part is in the first section. It’s simple. Get a friend, your wife or anyone who you can trust with money. It worked for me in completing and editing a book I've been skipping for months.

I stay at Ghana and i’m a student with a monthly allowance about $100. I had about $100 in savings but used $50 from my savings in betting.

On Monday, I give 5 - $10 notes to a trustworthy friend. I chose the work I have to complete before the next morning. If I do it, she gives me back $10 from the $50. If not, she keeps the $10. It’s simple it’s worked for me.

Got the idea from the book carrots and sticks but from my explanation, you’ve gotten the fire you want. What better thing to light your ass on fire than the prospect of losing your own money?

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