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Isn't that also because rendering SVG on screen is way, way slower than using PNG or JPG images? There was a comparison done half a year ago between the same page full of icons rendered using PNG vs SVG and the SVG version was sluggish as hell. And that was on desktop, you can only imagine how worse would the performance be on mobile devices...

Hmm... on a completely unrelated note, I may have just figured out how to convince the world that 5GHz processors and oodles of RAM are necessary in phones, thus keeping them on that upgrade treadmill...

And why we need double retina screen resolutions to tell the difference between vector and bitmap graphics on a 4 inch screen.

I imagine that is mostly due to the lack of attention to the format. PDFs with vector graphics work very well both in my desktop computer and mobile phone. The iPhone can even preview Adobe Illustrator files very well. Granted, it could cache the renderization since the image is not dynamic as a webpage.

By the way, are vector files hardware accelerated on mobile devices, usually ?

Was this test with openvg?


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