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[Not trolling, genuinely interested in the answer]

> * SVG can creat sub-Flash-like performance if used carelessly

Could you elaborate on that? What should I be aware of if exporting vector art from, say, Illustrator or Inkscape?

From Inkscape? Little, as SVG is its native format and thus Inkscape's feature set aligns nicely with the capabilities of the format (if used carefully, e.g. using clones instead of copies for identical shapes, etc.). Illustrator, however, will export more or less with a minimum SVG feature set used and for complex drawings that may end up fairly large and fairly inefficient.

Drop shadows and filters in general are a concern. Not so much on desktop browsers nowadays, but in mobile very much.

iOS performance is generally awful with SVG. Scrolling used to be bad but I think Webkit fixed that bug.

Too much detail has been the cause of the worst performance (and crashing) I've seen — one image of a playing card froze my iPad.


try this guy: http://www.totalnonsense.com/misc_images/Jack_of_Spades_vect...

Blurs can be slow on large images.

Drawing Big SVGs can be problematic too.

Just open any SVG map from Wikipedia at full resolution... Guaranteed browser hang.

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