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Except we have the reverse problem with raster images now that we have devices with vastly different DPI. An iPad 3 has like 4X the DPI of a 30" screen. If you want them to be displayed at a reasonable size on both devices? You've got a problem.

If we start seeing 4K screens, worrying about those blurry anti-aliasing lines is going to seem absurd.

So the question is whether to (1) make the experience worse for people with high-DPI devices, (2) make the experience worse for everyone, or (3) make one bitmap for one market and another, larger bitmap for the other market. I'd imagine that most web projects have a vast majority of users on "normal" DPIs, so the best options would be (2) or (3).

I have several screens in this DPI range. Actually, at 4k 30", your phone is probably in this range.

Use your phone to contrast AA to non-AA. The difference is still pretty enormous in my opinion.

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