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The responses here (so far) are mostly pointing out why SVG is not suitable for all situations. There are many images where

- SVG will be smaller than a bitmap

- The sub-pixel rendering isn't really an issue (do you check that all the lines are aligned on pixels when you export something from illustrator?)

- No advanced/poorly supported features are necessary

Platform support is still a stumbling block, but that will get better. I seriously considered going svg-only for the vector-friendly illustrations in the new edition of http://eloquentjavascript.net . But in order to not screw over people on old devices, I will probably use svg with png fallbacks instead.

Honest question: Will people with devices old enough to not be able to render svg really be reading a programming book?

Well, my own phone is unable to render svg, so I can imagine there is such an audience.

Being a programmer doesn't mean living with the latest gadget.

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