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The app I've been developing may help you with your procrastination, and light that fire that you need.

It merges two ideas. One is that you need to get things done on your to-do list. This is incredibly hard for us procrastinators. So, similar to a personal trainer you would have at the gym to help you exercise, I created a virtual personal trainer to help you work on your to-do list. He prompts you with what you need to do, and then you do it.

The second idea is that you need to feed your craving for interesting and inspiring web content. To help with this craving, the virtual personal trainer allows you to see productive and beneficial web content as a sort of break from your current work session. You get to gain knowledge while procrastinating. I call the idea "to procrastigain".

You can check out the demo at http://procrastigain.com/. Let me know if it is useful to you at all, or if you can think of anything that would make it better for you.

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