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Natalie put a lot of work in to this (and we're suposed to be on holiday!). There's lots of great stuff in here - not just about the overall startup experience, but also advice on talking to press, raising money and building out the company.

You two seem to have a terrible time not working on holidays. I can't wait to see what comes out of your next vacation!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on single founder startups.

I don't think I can do it all, I just I can start it by myself and then attract the right partner. Crazy?

I'm currently working on a single-founder startup. And, as with everything there are pros and cons. So, in one word, Crazy, NO!!.. difficult, yes, but startups are hard anyway..

I'm a software engineer, as well as an MBA (finishing up) so I can do most of the stuff myself which I believe to be a plus.

When I was starting I found finding a co-founder to be a lot more work with nothing to show for, but since I believed in my idea I just decided to get started and do as much as I could.

I'm about to incorporate, am currently in a soft launch mode to get direct customer input and make fixes. I just divide my time between meeting people (customers etc.) and developing, and yes I have a day job (and a new born). So, my hands are more than full.

Whether I'll be successful or not, I don't know, but the journey has been very rewarding so far.

Similar story here. Find a niche you care about. Look around for the right customers for your product. Do things manually as a test run if applicable. Make your first 10-20k or so. Scale out where needed.

Single founder startups usually can be great lifestyle companies until you decide to raise funding (if you do) as well.

If you're solving a problem you care about while making money at it at the same time, you basically have the ability to do whatever you want.

Thank you

It is an engaging story; a real account of a startup's successful exit explained very keenly, containing a lot of valuable advice.

Great read!

This is a really nice writeup of the whole startup process. Thanks for this!

Thanks for the detailed story!

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