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Copy (copy.com)
6 points by cunninghamd on Sept 25, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Doesn't seem to address my two biggest requirements (1) non-US jurisdiction and (2) zero-knowledge at-rest encryption. For me, those would be the biggest selling points for a new Dropbox-like service.

Whilst they do mention they have various levels of strong encryption, they also mention (in the privacy policy under "Collection and Storage and Use of Private Data Files") data deduplication, which indicates they still have visibility and could be served with an NSL or FISA order.

Why don't you create a truecrypt file, and store it in copy.com? For me, copy.com solves my storage needs as they grow for a decent price, then truecrypt would privatize my files leaving them 100% in my control.

generally, file level encryption (encfs/boxcryptor or ecryptfs) plays nicer with file based sync services.

I just signed up for this to save my photos which would not fit within my dropbox. Not 2 days later my computer died and needed to be re-installed. Phew.

(Not plugging or anything, dropbox would have done the exact same thing if I had the space for it)

For the application itself, pretty much identical to dropbox I believe. I haven't really used it since I uploaded.

Great to hear!

I'd be an active Google Drive user, however the app kept crashing on my macbook, so I had to give up. I even spent a few days troubleshooting it with Google support to no avail.

So long as the copy.com program doesn't crash on me, this will be my online storage of choice for the foreseeable future.

This is a referral link

Yes it is. I wondered whether the HN community would be bothered by that, and ultimately concluded that the community seems to enjoy seeing new product announcements, etc.

Also, I did a google search to see if Copy had been announced on HN yet, and it hadn't, so I felt that while I was going to prosper from providing the info, I was also contributing more signal than noise to the HN community.

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