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Blame Drew's Cancer (blamedrewscancer.com)
59 points by winanga on June 6, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

That's a really slick design and app.


It's for a good cause too. We were expecting a softer launch but once Lance Armstrong mentioned us, we were off to the races.

Fortunately our little xen instance has held up and the exposure has sure made the search for sponsors a lot easier.

Now vote this story up or I'll have to #BlameDrewsCancer for it not making it to the front page!

There has got to be a way to crowdsource some of the funds with http://tipjoy.com . Shoot me an email if you have any questions ivan@tipjoy.com

That's a great idea. We're talking with some potential sponsors now so perhaps this could be an avenue for a matching-funds type of fundraiser... I'll follow up with email. Thanks!

The only article Lady Fortuna has no control over is your behavior. Good Luck.

As soon as the page loads, the text describing what the site does becomes covered by one of the messages. Epic fail until that is fixed. Quite cool otherwise.

Only if your vertical resolution is smaller than about 750 pixels. Calling that an epic fail is pathetic.

OK, so it's only everyone in the world who's using a 13" screen, which includes, but is not limited to, everyone using a MacBook or a MacBook Air. Do you truly believe that's not a major problem, when all these people are left wondering why Drew's Cancer is being blamed for random stuff? They'll never know that they're trying to raise funds.

I really love the visual design, which is why I said it's only an epic fail until the issue is addressed. Because this is the launch - you can't stop the viral spread of something like this.

Huh? MacBook and MacBook Air both have a vertical resolution of 800 pixels. That gives you plenty of space for everything to be displayed including browser chrome and the menu bar. Even browsers that have a higher browser chrome than safari won’t have a problem.

Doesn't work right on my MacBook with FireFox 3.0.10. There is nothing special about my setup, except for the fact that my dock is currently at the bottom and not on auto-hide - surely not uncommon, being the default and all, even though I like hiding it when doing serious hacking.

In any case, you can't assume a minimum resolution when designing a website. At the very least, give lower resolution users the option of scrolling.

Sure. But “epic fail”?! Come on, that’s just absurd.

Hi Dave,

The bug you noticed is a little perplexing since I developed the site on a 13" MacBook. If you have a moment, I'd love to know more about the system where you saw this behavior: Browser, OS, Screen Res, Browser Window Size... (If you'd like you can email me at: mike@9astronauts.com) Thanks for the feedback.

you can't stop the viral spread of something like this.

Ha! Ain't that the truth :)

Hi Mike

Check my other post in this thread. Also, it's OS X 10.5.6. Maximized window.

The first message that comes in (randomly) obscures the text about raising funds. Is it a bug or, respectfully, a design flaw / feature? I would suggest you test this on a netbook.

Thanks for all the feedback, Dave.

I just deployed a bunch of updates that address the bugs you found -- yeah... I'll confess... they were bugs :)

Nah. That's part of the charm. Plus, from a practical standpoint, anybody landing on the site would figure out what it does in the first five seconds.

Maybe I should make it clearer: yes, you can figure out what the site technically does in 5 seconds, but you'll never know why, because the important bit is obscured almost immediately: "hopefully... some nice company will donate a dollar for every unique person who Blames Drew's Cancer to the American Cancer Society and the Make a Wish Foundation"

Do you really think people will just figure that out by themselves? Maybe not an epic fail, but definitely a case of sacrificing getting the message across for the sake of visual charm. I had to reload the page 10 times to get the correct wording for my quote above.

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