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As a side note, you should check out Erlang's static checker, Dialyzer. It implements a complete (i.e. no-false-positives) type system, as opposed to a sound (i.e. no-false-negatives) type system (e.g. H-M and friends). It pretty much eliminates the need to make any predictions about what the type checker will say, as it will only complain if your program can provably crash due to a type error.

Of course this still permits the possibility of type errors, but in practice it works fairly well, and does not constrain the programmer.

Dialyzer is decent, given the constraints for which it was designed, but nowhere near as helpful as a ML-derived static type system.

For example, Dialyzer won't reject a function declared to return values of type A and actually returning values of type B along an execution path which isn't currently traveled.

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