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Apple Gets Pwned, SF Store Is Now Advertising DVD Jon’s doubleTwist (techcrunch.com)
49 points by ciscoriordan on June 6, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Thank God for this software. I had started using my brick-sized Creative player just to play audiobooks in my car because iTunes made me want to vomit every time I had to use it. Maybe now I can dust off my Nano.

"made me want to vomit every time I had to use it"

100% agree...as a windows user, this is my only exposure to apple software, and I am constantly shouting out loud at the insanity of it.

The only other thing I know is you can't maximize windows on a mac without some sort of add-on or something. I don't think I want to know any more.

Well, I've used OSX enough to say honestly that most Apple software is night and day different from iTunes on Windows. iPhoto is pretty rocking. I've never encountered any other Apple software that sucked, let alone on the level of iTunes.

The window maximizing sucks for sure though.

I must agree. Most of what Apple has produced has been brilliant, but iTunes is one of those pieces of software that I only opened up when absolutely necessary. I'll give this third party ware a try.

Apparently it has been taken down (or so one of the commenters on TechCrunch said).

So awesome. Can't wait to see it in person. (Flying out to WWDC Sunday)

Just in time for WWDC too. Epic.

And I'm going to take a second to hijack this thread for a tangentially related announcement:

280 North is co-hosting a small event with Sofa (http://madebysofa.com/ - they're responsible for Cappuccino's new theme, "Aristo") on Monday for Cappuccino developers and anyone else who wants to join us.


7-9PM, Martini Room at Jillian's in Metreon across the street from WWDC (Moscone West).

Also, Francisco will be speaking at CocoaHeads on Wednesday at the SF Apple Store (the one mentioned in the article) http://theocacao.com/document.page/606 It's open to the public but get there a little early as it will fill up fast.

We've got some competition from dozens of other WWDC parties (http://blog.quazie.net/2009/05/wwdc-partiesevents/) including Loopt :)

Interesting that the links stand out so much more when the post is downvoted. Draws the eye. Maybe that wasn't what was intended from the downvote CSS. :)

Umm, how is this even tangentially related? This seems like simple comment spam to me.

It's very related. This article was about Apple, and they like Apple. See? Obvious!

WWDC. But I suppose you're right, I'll just submit it as a top level post:


What? The story had nothing to do with WWDC.

It didn't, but the first part of my comment did.

The time and place of this stunt was definitely not a coincidence.

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