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Though I couldn't understand them fully...

The names are awesome! The concepts are awesome! And the music is awesome!!!

I see some similarity to Smalltalk or Windows PowerShell. And this made me to imagine typed Smalltalk/Objective-C style syntax on shell which would be great for usability...

Shell programs are expected to take streams of data and produce other streams of data. Shell programs are also supposed to, but often don't, have uniform configuration options. Instead, we have ps ax | grep chromium | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill

* ps accepts ax with no -

* awk is its own programming language lol

* xargs gets pretty complicated if anything bigger than this happens

(incidently, I know about awk '/chromium/ {print $1}' and killall. but i have seen that command line in the wild. because some people don't read the awk manual for fun, and i'm not sure if every unix system even has a killall command)

...and yet the shell is still the preferred tool for what it does because everything else requires too much typing (of both varieties)

Apparently urbit also has streams of raw data. It's about time someone came up with a new idea for a shell that keeps what's great about the shell (though personally, i would standardize on streaming a form of json, because it turns out that data is very often found as scalars, lists, and mappings).

So anyway. If urbit actually ends up being better to live in than unix, and having shell programs that are configured in exactly one way would be an improvement, and having data that's easier to parse than plain text while remaining as easy to read as plain text would also be an improvement, well, I've always wanted to live in a submarine. If it gets a nice editor and c++ compiler, that is. I do need the best performance possible out of my computer for my work.

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