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For the source of my bias, I have actually spent a considerable amount of time working with people in the "RFC world." For example, I wrote the kernel of the Openwave WAP browser, which shipped about a billion units, even if it sucked and no one used it. I have spent just about no time in the PDF world, and even when I was in grad school I was an OS guy. (Here's a fun old paper of mine: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi= So, zero time in the "PL theory" world.

I can tell you how this world sees the "PL theory" world. They say: look, you have your own way of formalizing computing, there are infinitely many ways of formalizing computing, the one we use seems to work just fine, so why should we learn yours? Whether they won't, or they can't, or they are too pigheaded to - the answer is, they aren't.

I don't view language design as an opportunity to change the world to this extent. And I think many, many good ideas are getting lost in the PL theory world. So, my goal was to replicate these ideas, as best as I can, for programmers who think about programming the way I do.

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