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As someone who wasn't aware of the issue with Optimus nVidia cards before I purchased my laptop, this is fantastic news. I get support thanks to the wonderful work of the bumblebee team but it's never really felt "solid" to me. However, this is most likely because of my inexperience with the subject.

I feel as though I represent a fairly decent number of people when I thank Valve for the steps being taken to make Linux better as I use it as my primary OS.

There's supposed to be native Optimus support in the latest drivers. Ubuntu is aiming to support it for 13.10 (and backport to LTS), see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/HybridGraphics

Let's hope it works out. There are still some showstopper bugs like suspend not working and touchpad locking up.

Bumblebee was always a stopgap and a kludge - and a lot of credit is due for the enterprising bumblebee hackers.

I've yet to hear whether or not the new Optimus drivers reduce heat generation for multi-monitor setups (which are fixed to max power mode in Linux when more than 1 monitor is in use, resulting in more fan noise).

Would hope so, but never get much a reply from Nvidia's Linux board: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/98/

As it stands was forced to modify the VBIOS in order to undervolt the card and finally get the GPU fan in laptop to shut up. Silence is golden.

I've yet to get bumblebee working on my laptop. Same system works fine under Windows. :(

If Nvida could fix Optimus for other OSes, there might be more Linux users/gamers.

Aye, I chose my laptop (ASUS G55VW) mostly for its lack of Optimus (The Intel GPU is dead weight). I'm a Linux nut, but instability like seen with Optimus -despite the amazing efforts of the Bumblebee team- is a no-go for me.

Hopefully, this new openness will lead to better general support for Nvidia cards, as it is there are distros (Arch for instance, my favorite) where Nouveau and Nvidia proprietary driver cannot detect my GPU properly.

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