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I was with you til you introduced the Hoon syntax. Why ruin a great concept with a shit language? WHAT IS WRONG WITH LANGUAGE DESIGNERS?! Just come up with a sane language with a sane syntax on a great platform. This is apparently asking a lot. It's not fucking rocket science.

I agree entirely! This is so much better than the typical "middlebrow dismissive" that I upvoted it...

And actually, if you don't like Hoon you can build your own language on this platform. So long as it compiles to Nock. You'll probably have to write your first compiler in Hoon, but we do have pretty decent combinator parsers. If you can swallow the syntax...

I like that you upvote your critics. That amuses me greatly. I had not viewed the video before I made my first comment but after watching the video I'm impressed with your implementation and solid practical concepts, but I still abhor your Hoon syntax. I haven't looked into Nock yet but I have a feeling I might knock its syntax as well, pun intended.

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