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I'm pretty sure this is a giant joke ? Or nothing is implemented yet (and still, kind of jokish especially in description)?

Is this comment a joke?

I haven't tried compiling it, but even if large parts of the documentation say "this isn't finished yet" there are code and compilation instructions for Linux and OSX. If it's a joke then it's a joke that two contributors seem to have taken very seriously for a number of months now.

EDIT: Not like, say, Flynn... jab jab

I meant in a similar vein to say, esoteric languages or subsests like jsfuck.com.

I see this is considered more art, and I would agree with that.

It appears as if it is a large art + learning experience, and I appreciated that after I watched the movie.

Not a lot of _novel_ ideas per se, but an interesting mixture of things.

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