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There could be two explanations - one is that the engineer who "foresaw" the future requirement just got lucky. The other possible explanation is that they really had a black art in deciding what's needed, and what's not. And black art takes time, and experience, as well as some level of intuition (some might say its heuristic - but heuristic is just shortcuts for lots of gathered experience).


I have done a good deal of studying of UX, I come from a background in testing, and I am now a developer.

Systems I design take all three disciplines into account. A junior UX team asks for something wonky in V1 of their spec, I code it to spec, and then make allowances for what V2 is likely to actually do. Typically a few extra fields in a struct, or designing a state machine to be a bit more flexible than strictly necessary. Maybe I break some logic out of the main class into a secondary independent one that can be passed around.

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