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People who don't believe in 10x programmers don't understand that they themselves are probably 3x or 4x programmers, thus to them a 10x programmer is probably only a 2.5x or 3x programmer relatively speaking.

There are a lot of 1x programmers out there. So many that it's very easy to be an "above average" programmer.

I am not a 10x programmer, but I'm not a 1x programmer either. I've met people who are 6-10x programmers, and they are incredibly good at what they do, to an extent that's hard to describe. I think it requires an even balance of skill, pragmatism, experience, and passion that allows someone to have that kind of performance.

What about 10.1947x programmers. Or 5.345x programmers?

And, do you average out the productivity, or is that the minimum or maximum? I mean, if you go on vacation, you are a 0x programmer for that time you are gone.

Basically, I think it's a silly thing that's been taken to far. Everyone is a 1x programmer compared to themselves, and a 10x programmer when compared to the right person in the right context.

10.1947x programmers are a myth.

I think you don't know how to read.

I don't know how to respond to that. What meaningful insights am I ignoring that I should be picking up on?

The myth, present in the referenced articles and books, isn't that exists different levels of engineers, but that exists a gap between 1x and 10x.

Are you sure? I've never heard that aspect to it.

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