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We agree on that it's stupid to use tools because others said so. We agree on that you don't immediately need these tools if you are just starting out or write simple code, BUT I think it's very easy to reach a point (I mean you are efficient enough in the technology itself) when you feel the need for these tools. For example I'm not quite there yet, so I use SublimeText or an IDE but every time I edit a line I just hate these tools, because they feel so slow, and in that exact moment, when I won't have to look up the manuals every time, because I don't know the framework/language/technology I will switch to Vim for sure, because I think at that point when you are a pro in the technology, an IDE will get in your way. When you can crank out hundreds of lines without even blink, Vim is the way to go. Again, for beginners this is not the case. For casual coders? They probably do it for fun, so why not do cool things? I cannot comment on Mercurial vs Git, because did not use Mercurial, I only read that with Git, you can do anything you want and with Mercurial, you can do most of the things simply.

TL; DR: There is a point in your knowledge about the technology when you simply NEED these tools. Early on, you probably don't.

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