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I got interested in Vim for both what it offered, and its' reputation. It took a while to get used to but now I can't live without Vim controls; it's just so efficient.

It's gotten to the point where I use a tiling window manager on my Linux distro with all controls Vim style. I have a Firefox add-on to give it Vim controls [1], and I use Vim for basic word processing. I can control almost every part of my OS, excluding Skype, purely through my keyboard with virtually no mouse involvement.

It's all very addicting once you get used to it.

1: http://5digits.org/pentadactyl/

I really want to see some measurements of the efficiency of vim. Because we [know](http://www.asktog.com/TOI/toi06KeyboardVMouse1.html) that people's perception of time taken when using keyboard shortcuts is skewed: using keyboard shortcuts makes you perceive your actions as faster, even in those cases where they are not. Thus, I hear a lot of people say good things about vim, but it is difficult to merely take their word for it, since it might very well be that they think they are faster then they are.

Vim and using the keyboard isn't about speed. It's about precision.

Also: many text editing actions can go from conscious (using a mouse) to subconscious (using the keyboard + muscle memory).

Also check out vimperator (http://www.vimperator.org/vimperator). It is updated more often and has great support.

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