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For opening each file the first time:


For switching quickly between the 10 most recently used buffers:


I suggest adding this to your .vimrc (the default mapping is <Leader>lj; my leader key is the spacebar, and I find space space to be much better):

let g:LustyJugglerDefaultMappings = 0

nnoremap <silent> <Leader><Leader> :LustyJuggler<CR>

For very quickly jumping between the current buffer, and the last buffer I have a mapping:

nnoremap <leader>dd <C-^>

because <C-^> is a bit awkward; <leader>dd could be anything that's very easy to type.

So most of the time I'm alternating between two files using the <C-^> mapping. When I need to jump to a less recently used buffer I double tap <space>, opening LustyJuggler, then double tap the appropriate home row key to jump to the buffer I want. If the buffer I want isn't in the ten most recently used, I open Ctrl-P, type enough characters from the file path of the file I want to make it the first choice, then hit enter.

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