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I don't have any plugins for this stuff. I just do:

    nnoremap <Leader>b :buffers<CR>:buffer<Space>
    nnoremap <Leader>n :bn<CR>
    nnoremap <Leader>p :bp<CR>
My <Leader> is space. So "space+b" opens up my buffers, I type a few letters that match a file and Tab to autocomplete it, then press enter to open it. I also use ctrl+shift+6 to quickly switch between the 2 most recent buffers.

So I'd give that a shot. If that doesn't work for you, try just ":tabe <file>" for your three files, then ctrl+pageup, ctrl+pagedown (or gt, gT) to quickly switch between them.

Thanks this is working for me.

I just switched b/p (since I use p w/ ctrl-p as a fuzzy finder to list all files).

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