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Agreed I experienced this VIM, emacs...and also surprisingly linux.

I tried switching to Ubuntu from OSX as many times as I tried abandoning Textmate for VIM.

The thing that made me finally keep using Linux was using a very stripped down version called "Arch Linux". This made me appreciate the basic fundamentals of the operating system, with no fluff [1].

It was rough around the edges at first but you learn how to deal with quickly.

I eventually switched to larger and easier-to-use Linux distros like Fedora/Debian. But whenever I run into problems with them, I have the experience to understand/fix it from working with Arch.

I now have no interest in going back to OSX and use VIM obsessively.

Many comedians will say this too: the only way to get motivated to be successful is with your back against the wall. Being partially comfortable makes you complacent.

[1] https://www.archlinux.org/

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