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The public can't understand that, but it certainly forms opinions based on it. It votes, too...

The public is, honestly, incapable of understanding, or even caring, about underlying issues in proxy temperature modeling. A large amount of the public is incapable of distinguishing between weather and climate.

Proxy temperatures, statistical methods, atmospheric modeling, etc, are all scientific areas whose knowledge can be gleamed at sufficiently well for a person with some form of higher education in science or math education (but only barely; remember that this stuff is being researched by people who have devoted their entire lives to the scientific specialty). But that is an astoundingly low proportion of the population. And even then it is clear that, as methodological errors have diminished and methods for more accurate models have appeared, that they all tend towards the same conclusion.

We should be worrying significantly more about the small but non-trivial (and ever-increasing) probability of an extinction event within the next decades rather than pretend that methodological errors, at this point, are a significant issue in identifying the climate trends we have spotted in the last decades.

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