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This is a thoughtful discussion. But it doesn't really address those of us that have kinda "graduated" from digital nomad hood.

By that I mean, for some of us, you get to the point where yes, you want the advantage of multiple locations - but you also want routine.

The problem is when you start traveling around enough, it gets harder and harder to "get it all" in one place.

For me the solution is, as one person mentioned (or rather, several) 1. establish a home base(s) 2. get second homes or rentals you've been to before in familiar places (you can get to know AirBnB landlords many of the have multiple homes) 3. coworking spots around the world 4. start connecting with nomad communities - like a diplomat, you'll start running into the same people over and over again - forums, private/paid communities 5. tap into your alumni abroad community (if you have one) 6. establish daily routines (for me, it's a morning call with several other location independent founders) 7. meet ups

Eventually you'll have a set up where you have say "home bases" in 2-3 countries/continents....places you can go back to sleep in your own bed, say Hi to the local butcher, grocer etc, read your own books.....

...then you can travel several times a year (conferences, random hot spots, etc) - for the excitement, because one starts to miss the thrill of traveling.

I definitely think though that multiple home bases + coworking spots + connecting with the location independent community + a codified daily routine is the way to go!

Anyone who can enjoy this life should be totally grateful for the options it affords one.

The biggest challenge I've found (someone tell me if you can relate) is that often I find myself hanging out with: 1. trust fund babies (born into having the time, income, location freedom) 2. retirees (have the time, income, location freedom but had to work for it) 3. people on welfare (have the time and often times the money too, lol) 4. location independent professionals/entrepreneurs (perfect match but still quite niche) ...in my age group. Man when you walk around during the day, outside of the traditional corporate/9-to-5 set up, that's rarefied air.

Someone who really establishes his/her community as the penultimate resource for connecting location independent founders and professionals with homes, coworking sports almost like a done-for-you social network, will be solving a huge problem.

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