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Here ya go: https://gist.github.com/qdcarnicelli/6653766

Ten seconds of running WireShark and watching iTunes talk to an AppleTV running v6 will give you something like that, where iTunes and the AppleTV do much talking about 'fp-setup' and FPLY and handshake together.

Apple's AirPlay (AirTunes) devices have actually been doing these FPLY verifications for years now, but they were optional and talking to the devices with the older non-FPLY protocol worked. It's just as of Apple TV 6.0 that they appear to be dropping the old connection exchange and requiring the FPLY one to talk to the device.

I'm not quite sure what you think we have to gain by claiming we think FairPlay is required now, when it really wasn't? This weblog post was to inform our customers about an issue with our software and ATV 6. We'd all dearly love a solution.

...perhaps Apple's intent was simply to drop support for the extremely old clients that Airfoil was emulating? That seems like a much simpler explanation to me than some sort of nefarious plan to break Airfoil.

The fact that it requires DRM is clearly a nefarious plan to break third party usage in general, surely.

My suspicion would be that feature was added in response to external demands (e.g, movie/TV studios required it for remote playback), and making it mandatory was a later simplification.

Ok. From his reply I thought mikeash works for you guys and that you guys did not have proof. I will look through your github page.

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