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Noone is arguing that there WAS a warming trend. The onous to prove its due to humans lies on the chicken littles. It has not yet been accomplished.

Actually, the parent was arguing that we can't trust the one figure that is in TFA. It's a picture of a warming trend.

Surprisingly enough, the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about anthropogenic warming claims have come from people who receive money from carbon-intensive industry groups. It's these people who keep on claiming that it "hasn't been accomplished". And since FUD is easy to do, the FUD-purveyors are winning in the public sphere.

What kind of evidence would convince you, exactly?

No one needs to prove it's due to humans; it doesn't matter what it's due to, it only matters that it's bad for us and we can do something about it. Natural is not equal to good, claiming it matters if humans caused it is as stupid as refusing to stop an asteroid from hitting us because it's not a man made disaster.

Heh. I've been using the same asteroid example for years.

Actually, everyone but you acknowledges the warming trend, even groups that oppose AGW theories. The fashion du jour is to blame it on volcanoes or solar output cycles. Catch up!

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