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Holy crap. They don't even know for sure if they were real bombs? For that matter, why is carrying real nuclear weapons on a practice run even a possibility?

I actually read a good book about nuclear bombs in the pre-missile era which directly speaks to that concern: http://www.amazon.com/15-Minutes-General-Countdown-Annihilat...

You think carrying bombs on this flight is extraordinary? You don't know the half of it. They were dragging bombs all over the place, all the time, to a ridiculous extent. The practice run could turn into nuclear war while the planes were in the air.

And some of the terminology-fiddling is Fun: when they told people things like "the bombs were not armed", they meant that were only a quick switch away from being armed. in related news, the NSA doesn't have "direct access" to Google servers. :P

That was 55 years ago. It's not like incidents like that could happen nowadays.

Oh, wait.


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