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My First 9 Months as an Angel Investor (instigatorblog.com)
23 points by byosko on Sept 20, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Reading legal docs does suck for angels. We launched a product on AngelList that completely standardized the seed-round docs (debt or equity), the early adopters liked it, but we didn't get traction and it was an awful lot of legwork to maintain.

good initial press, but it didn't work out ( there's an entire blog post I could write about why)


Awesome post and view what it's like to be a new angel investor and paying back the startup community. We need those who've been successful to support other entrepreneurs even though most investments fail. Love the honesty and matter of fairness. Hope I get there someday.

Couldn't access on windows 7: High Risk Website Blocked Location: www.instigatorblog.com Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/ObfJS-CZ has been found on this website.

Very strange...I'm investigating with the hosting company to see what's going on.

Would love to know if there are any industries/verticals you have found yourself steering clear of and, if so, why?

The recruiting space! Mostly because I spent 3 years banging my head against a wall in that space.

Generally, I get nervous in the consumer space, but I've made several consumer investments.

There are a couple spaces I'd like to do something in -- education, robots, anything kid-related (b/c I have two young boys).

Great article! Love the honesty Ben.

Thanks. Appreciate that. Might as well be honest (about the good and the bad)!

Good job, Ben!

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