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Wow, when I click this link I get


The page you are trying to open has been reported as fraudulent. It will likely attempt to trick you into sharing personal or financial information. Opera Software strongly discourages visiting this page.

I don't know why, so I'm not continuing... I've only seen this message once before.

Wow, holy shit. Is there someone we can talk to at Opera about that? Would you be willing to get me a screenshot of the message and tell me what version of Opera you're running? I'd like to find out who reported that, and why. The page in question doesn't contain any scripts or interactive features of any kind. (I just looked at it on the server with less to make sure nobody had, say, injected some script tags since the last time I looked. Nope.)

it's the same as what happened as reported here, same image as well http://www.joycebabu.com/blog/google-being-reported-as-fraud...

I think thats because of what rythie said: "Also canonical.org != the people who make Ubuntu (that's canonical.com)"

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