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I agree with you, he should have posted it as a comment. But did anyone actually think that SO (or any business, for that matter) would advertise itself as being for the mediocre?

I thought it was pretty clear what he was doing - editorializing - even if he is wrong. Its kind of like reading the New York Times ;)

[Edit: this is a reply to alxp below who wrote:

"Haha yes, because good programming and good networking skills are so clearly linked."]

Clearly linked, yes, but inversely proportional!

When in my "rain-maker" mental mode, when I go for weeks keeping contacts and have a phone glued to my ear, my hacking skills are just about none. I make it a point to take TODO notes for later.

When I am knee deep in hacking; designing, writing, testing, benchmarking, etc. my social skills are none. I can't even form sentences when I am interrupted by the phone, the few times I forget to forward my number to my girlfriend.

I sometimes do vocal exercises "Mii Maa Mee Moo Muu" type stuff to get my voice back before I need to make an important call.

Interesting comment, mahmud (as usual), but it made no sense in context. I read farther, and see that you simply responded to the wrong comment here!

Yes, I was responding to alxp below. Edited to reflect this.

Thanks dhimes :-)

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