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Poll: Changing to Android after iOS7 Update?
25 points by nvk on Sept 19, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments
To me iOS 7 UI is too light, low contrast type and unusable, I'm getting an Android next.

Are you?

* Fanboys flagged this Poll out of the top. Too bad.

I love iOS7
178 points
Yes, its so bad I'm changing to Android
42 points
It's bad, but I'm sticking around with iOS7
23 points
I'm switching to iOS 7 from Android
15 points
I'm switching to Windows Phone from iOS 7 (by request)
4 points

Perhaps a better poll would've been "What phone OS do you think you'll be using in 4 months?".

Anyway, I'd love to switch to Android but I can't come to trust Google at all.

Sure it's possible to use Android and stay relatively Google-free, but they are clearly trying to chokepoint that into impossibility with moves like Play Services, et cetera. Jean Baptiste Queru, the leading force behind the Android Open Source Project just quit and went to work for Yahoo, too.

I think vanilla Android is the better OS, but my options are limited: buy a Nexus phone (currently can't, nothing is available), buy a $650 phone with vanilla Android, or buy a subsidized locked carrier phone, fight the device's DRM and then hope Cyanogenmod or someone produces a stable ROM for it sometime soon.

Edit: Fixed Google->Yahoo goof.

Nitpick, but I think "went to work for Google, too." is supposed to say, "went to work for Yahoo!, too."

On a related note, JBQ leaving really left a sour taste in my mouth. I remember him being a constant and positive force on the message boards back in the Android 1.x days; though I don't really know him, he seems like the kind of developer that doesn't jump ship without good reason.

I think he also worked for Be Inc. (the makers of the BeBox and BeOS) until the end. But it's too hard to tell, he might just've had a great offer from Yahoo as well.

I think you meant JBQ left Google to work for Yahoo!

Cyagenmod looks really promising now. :)

My biggest problem with iOS 7 is Apple's loss of their attention to detail - several of the animations are broken (multitasking gestures on an iPad especially), and the newer typography turns out to be inconsistent throughout. It was incredibly impressive last night, but the more I use it, the more I dislike it.

Apple's loss of their attention to detail

I was trying to put my finger on just what it was that bothered me, and your observation about animations triggered it...

I upgraded to iOS 7 yesterday on my 3rd Generation "retina" iPad and a few things caught me by surprise out of the gate. The settings app is much more sluggish in this revision. I was poking around between options and I found myself re-tapping buttons because the screens weren't coming up fast enough.

That was the biggest problem I had. Apple iOS products that I've owned in the past always had snappy performance for things that require instant feedback. Scrolling was smooth and instant, tapping buttons for menus that didn't require data to be sent/received rendered an immediate response (or very nearly so). It worked as you would expect something to work in the non-digital world (I pull open a drawer, the drawer opens at the speed I pull it). All throughout the settings app I found myself having to tap three times on some switches. For example, enabling my cellular radio, I tapped the switch and it did nothing. A half-second later I tapped it, figuring I wasn't precise enough the first time only to find that my finger went down the instant the "switch" gave me feedback that it was on, requiring a third tap to re-enable it. It's nitpicky as heck to complain about a half-second delay (and a bit of a testimony to the company's famed agonizing over every part of the user experience) since that sort of delay is "normal" when I interact with my Android tablet or phone, but Apple trained me when using their devices to expect instant feedback for actions (even if it's just an icon change to indicate that input was recognized but something else needed to finish before a menu option changed). There were several other interactions I had with iOS 7 and the built-in apps that were far more nitpicking than that, but overall the biggest difference I've noticed is that UI "lag" has been introduced in this version.

I'm betting some of this has to do with my 3rd generation iPad. I have seen benchmarks indicating that animations/frame rates are woefully worse than the iPad 2 with its lower resolution screen or the generation after mine with its faster processor. It's not going to trigger me to upgrade or change devices because all-in-all I'm quite satisfied with it even if I have to tweak my expectations.

If attention to detail is a problem, switching to Android is not a solution. Also, this is the very first release in a massive redesign, things get missed. I'll be concerned if Apple doesn't do anything to improve from this point.

This thread, comments and all, feels like a parody.

can we get a switch from iOS 7 to Windows Phone? (You know, the phone that invented this UI?)

I can't help but think of this Simpson's scene when Windows Phone comes up.


Windows Phone sucks, but i will accommodate in the spirit of fairness.

> To me iOS 7 UI is too light, low contrast type and unusable, I'm getting an Android next.

Way to add some framing to your poll!

Note - Don't expect your poll to be accurate.

Can we add "I'm switching to iOS 7 from Android"

Or, am I the only one?


If you want to quickly try some setting changes before selling your iPhone, you can improve the contrast for several iOS 7 elements by going into Settings > General > Accessibility and turning "Increase Contrast" on and for additional contrast, switching to bolder text by turning on "Bold Text"

Thanks i will give that a try!

I hate the way it looks. Modern is fine, change is great, but at least before an iPhone had it's own look.

iOS 7 is Apple's Windows 8.

For those of you who use Office 2013, some asshole made it all but unusable by taking out the contrast between threads.

Same thing for Apple now, much of it is too subtle. "Hooray, it's flat!" But no... it's just amature. There's a good article up now about all the things that seem broken and rushed through.

Remember when Steve Jobs was sheriff and the trains ran on time? Ok, first I had like a 4 hour gap between when I downloaded and when it would actually let me install. Then it wouldn't let me sync with iTunes last night until I upgraded... but the upgrade wasn't available until today. Just a culster fuck of stupidity on Apple's part. They rushed these half-assed changes and it shows.

Great that they have a new OS, but damn does it need polish.

Was on iOS 7 (betas). Had same reaction at first, but after several days, my initial reaction went away, and I found having a darker background image made a lot of difference.

Now I'm giving Android a fair shake, using a Galaxy s3 I had for testing. Will use it for several weeks at least, and decide to either get a 5S, or stick with Android (possibly getting a S4 or other new phone). There's a lot I don't like or that I'm finding missing (harder to type after trying multiple keyboards, sometimes funky bluetooth, etc). My gut feeling is that I'll go back to iOS in a month or so, but things like widgets could make a difference.

Have you tried swiftKey? I found it to be the best there is for Android. (I'm in no way related to it)

I have it on my phone, but I'm currently using the Google keyboard. I'll give it a try.

Where is the "meh" whatever I use iOS7 and I dont love it or hate it option?

I agree, have you seen the text on the keyboard? I can barely see!

I'm getting a discount Nexus 4.

I'd wait for Nexus 5. Should be here in about a month.

Do you know the price?

I'd guess around $400.

you can make it considerably more legible in accessability options

iphone 5 is my first and last iphone. After getting the core text exploit via a text message, I didn't realize just how little of "my" data I actually owned. Attempting to delete a single text message via my computer was impossible unless I was willing to pay some company $70. Apple's innovation since Jobs is non-existent (at least Jobs could steal ideas and package them in a unique way). Google is a huge company that still innovates so they get my money.

I'm giving Apple until the next iPhone (when my contract expires.) to fix it. If it still looks like a pre-schooler made it I'll switch back to Android.

You've got to be kidding me.

Why? Pretty for the sake of pretty != usable, don't get me wrong Android is bad, but iOS7 is now worst.

Those sure are some leading answers.

iOS 7 is very different. It will take some getting used to, but a majority of people will stay, and I'm not sure a tech-savvy site like HN is a good sampling of what the average consumer will do. Anecdotally, I heard dozens of new-Siri beeps this morning at my tech company as people show off the update. New icons may suck, but they never killed anyone.

It is definitely a work in progress, but it feels pretty good to me. After having iPhones since the first one, ios7 is refreshing and a long time coming. I think I would have been ready to jump ship if ios7 had been another Forstall creation.

I'm just waiting for that next Droid... can't give up my slide-out physical keyboard (I find on-screen keyboards usable, but they eat so much of the screen, and phablets are just too big).

There's no way I'm "upgrading" my iPad to iOS Barbie.

I'm surprised but I am absolutely loving iOS 7. There are some quirks but many annoyances have been designed away.

How do I put Android on my iPhone?

Best of both worlds! Stock 4.3 running on something that feels like the 5S.

I love iOS 7. It is a long overdue step in the right direction.

Any other choices I should add above?

"It's new but it's fine, you're overreacting"

Really? Your only three choices are "I love it," "I hate it so much I'm changing my entire platform," and "I hate it slightly less than that."

Come on.

I changed to Windows Phone. I'm loving it so far.

Can we have an option for those who actually use the phone as a tool. Who are not fanboys nor fandroids.

Really, it's fine. Applications still work and my email arrive on time. That's what I want. I'm warily interested in the fingerprint scanner, though.

Something between "I love iOS" and "I hate it, but don't want to switch"

You can want to keep your phone for reasons other than loving the OS (the apps you've purchased, etc)

How about restricting the poll to "yes" and "no"?

so bad that you are switching to windows phone? you have other issues to worry about, my friends.

Flat is furture of UI,like IronMan's thing,so ios7

im moving to wp8

The flat is furture of UI,like IronMan's things,so ios7

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