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I'm just doing the same.

Questions on one account, and Answers on the other.

I have no idea how to delete the questions I've asked already though, the system doesn't seem to allow for account and question deletion.

But this is the way I'm going... nuke everything, start again with 2 two accounts.

Reputation is starting to become a bitch online, no-one is always impeccable and because of the power of search we stand to be judged on the few dumb things we do.

The only way to counter it seems to be to act as if online there is a Stasi watching and to only put against our identity that which we wish to be judged by at any future point in our lives... which certainly doesn't include the dumb questions we might ask when it's 11pm and we're tired of fixing some annoying issue or defect.

I would say that these recent changes now reduce the value of these sites for me. I'll use it as a resource but I'm now less likely to contribute.

People who judge your fitness for a job on "a few dumb things you do" aren't fit to employ you.

One of the most positive realisations after I left my employment in a large corporation was that everyone is unique and different, with special quirks and "dumb things they do" and weird stuff attached to them. The myth of the perfect corporate drone is just that - a myth. Everyone does weird stuff. It's just that, within the corporate environment, that weird stuff is repressed and hidden, so you never get to find out about it.

Hopefully the corporate world will wake up to this some day and become a competitive employer again - I mean, hopefully for them. I'm sure some of the leading companies (large and small) out there are already ahead of that curve, and they have an edge over more backwards rivals who only hire people who behave "properly" all the time.

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