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In a unit test:

   # And what father is there among you, who,
   # if his son asks for a slice of bread,
   # will offer him a stone?
   # or if he asks for a fish,
   # will instead of a fish offer him a snake?
   my $fish = 'one-fish two-fish red-fish blue-fish';
   my $snake = 'oooh! a snake! ooh! snake! ooooooooo!";
(Unit test proceeds to insert both $snake and $fish into a cache object, does a little bit of extra manipulation to recreate the error condition, requests 'fish' back, and -- until the code was fixed -- got the contents of $snake instead.)

That's right. A successful combination of biblical allusion with Dr. Seuss and _Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom_.

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