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MMS died years ago. Terrible technically and never actually worked the four times in someone tried to send one.

As a Google Voice user who gets to experience life without MMS support, I can tell you that MMS is very alive. I've missed several social engagements that people coordinated via group texts, and a couple of sensitive images that had to be resent over email after the sender was perplexed by my silence...

I suggest Whatsapp. Has group texts, also supports sexting via images sent over data (and video!).

I have my primary number through google voice and I just get a sms saying "MMS Received" and then I get an email with a picture attachment. Not sure about group texts though.

This has only ever been true for MMS received from Sprint users. Google Voice & Sprint's current FAQ indicates that MMS no longer works, even on Sprint [1].

[1] https://support.google.com/voice/answer/1205636?hl=en

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