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What in particular is wrong with "Applied Cryptography" ?

Lots of random facts about crypto trivia. Not a lot of context. Even less information about how to actually safely use crypto primitives. You'll come out of it knowing how to get CAST or IDEA into your code --- two ciphers nobody uses anymore --- but not how to properly choose an IV for CBC mode.

Everything that is wrong with "Applied" is right with "Practical". "Here are 4 modern block ciphers. We wrote one of them. Don't use it. You should use AES, but if you're a paranoid, use Serpent. But really use AES." It's great stuff, especially because if you really read it, you're going to end up not implementing crypto directly at all.

Nothing, if you know exactly what you're doing. But it's not very good about explaining why e.g. throwing error messages is bad. It's sort of like a toolbox full of really sharp, pointy things with the implicit understanding that sticking your hand in blindly will hurt, and then being surprised when there's a rash of hand injuries.

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