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I have been working on, gotten funded, and grown my DYI'd startup while living as a digital nomad. Since being funded I have worked with a number of collaborators. I try to only hire people that move a lot. because I live that way it feels good that the people I get to work with share that lifestyle. We are actually currently doing our first group face2face powwow now for 2 weeks. It's great to be in person together but everyone, myself included is such a lone wolf that working together in person is awkward. We all disperse to our corners and work.

Hanging out having cigarettes and chatting about development, that's where the value in being together is it seems.

We are hiring again now. Anyone know the best forums to find digital nomads (term is getting worn out) looking for work. It would fit our company's culture to bring on another traveling developer.

Heya bobonaza, I see you're new to HN (welcome!) You might have more luck getting people to contact you if you fill out your profile - try adding a few website links of what you're working on and maybe an email address or Twitter handle :)

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