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Always take trains overland. Flying should be reserved only for trips that cross water.

Besides, travelling by train is much more fun.

In certain places travelling by train can be a bit too much fun. If it's USA or Japan (trains have Wi-Fi or distances are small, and it's safe)—sure, no reason to fly.

Trains don't have Wi-Fi in the US.

Oh. Never been to US myself, thanks for the correction. Is there at least an outlet for your laptop and decent 4G/3G coverage on the whole trip?

(Compare to Russia, where traveling anywhere remote by train means you might be completely lost to the world for a few days.)

Unfortunately not always a realistic option (exhibit A: North America).

I do it in North America. Every long trip needs two days of padding on each side, but people make allowances for you as if you had a phobia of flying.

When all of your business trips become taking the Amtrak in a Roomette to your B&B, business travel becomes a lot less stressful.

Why's that? I have a friend who travels mostly by train in the US. She seems pretty happy with it. It takes time, but she's got a laptop and an outlet, so she's happy.

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