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I worked online, run my "little Airbnb" and travelled/lived in more than 50 countries since 2001. The fact that your productivity suffers can be interpreted in a positive way: you CAN'T work too much because you are kept busy with the non-routine stuff. I absolutely love it and wouldn't change this for a 100% productive environment anytime soon. It's my protection against the work-a-lot-buy-stuff-you-don't-need routine. So I am forced to spend money in non trivial things as keeping the flexibility is expensive. When I need to get some serious work done I stay in Italy, Bangkok, Bali or Prague for a few months. It takes me a couple of weeks to settle in Bali, 1 day in Prague (I just need to rent an apartment), 1 day in Bangkok and more or less a week in other places. I also did a lot of backpacking (a few days in each place) and I agree that this greatly reduces the productivity. You have to find the balance which works for you, anytime, anywhere. Not easy, but it's there somewhere.

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