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I am really wondering how you communicate with your customers?

Do they know that you are living in places where most of them might even can only dream of going to for vacation? Or do you just simply "not tell them"? How do you handle call requests then? Or situations where the customers just invites you over to discuss the project in detail in person?

And what are their reactions like when you tell them that you currently are living just a stone's throw away from a beautiful sandy beach? What is the quota of lost jobs due to that?


Otherwise really insightful article. I enjoyed it :) And being a frequent traveller myself I would recommend you to stay longer in predefined places. Like you said...catering for the logistics (accommodation, internet access, checking out the neighborhood, finding grocery stores/restaurants) all that is yet interesting but really tiering and time consuming. It is a better choice to stay somewhere for 3 months, plan ahead for the next location during that period and use weekends or other "time-slots" of your choice to explore the region. If you want to travel to a place that would require you to have more time than a regular weekend offers, you should take a vacation. Which would require you to work the time on weekends the weeks before and of course one should stick to a set number of days off per year in addition. It's the student-dilemma...when there is no one micro-managing you, people tend to slack-off. So you should keep yourself accountable towards yourself in that situation. Like you were employed, but by yourself ;)

Oh and another question: What is your girlfriend doing that she has the time and financial backup to do this with you? Is she working in the same field?

My clients always know exactly where I am, what's the time zone difference and all.

During the two month period of the 'experiment' I didn't actively hunt for new leads, so I can't relate to the lost deals part.

Call requests are done via Skype if needed.

Regarding my girlfriend, during this two months, she's on vacation, although she actively helps with prototyping and concepts.

We both had savings from day one of the trip and my freelancing gigs make up for a source of additional income that makes this thing less scary :)

Thanks for your reply. I would love to hear from you in an update-post, when those customer relations actually end and you have to establish new ones. Especially given the situation that you both, can't profit from the company's relations and are working remotely.

Awesome travel blog as well...went straight to my feedly! Cheers

if you're working with people who "can't even dream" of going on a vacation to another part of the world you might want to set your sights a bit higher.

I totally disagree with this! There are obligations, such as young children that clearly might keep one from jumping onto a plane for 20h (from Europe) to get to south-east asia.

1. young children grow up

2. every long flight i've been on has had screaming babies

3. especially the ones to/from asia

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