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Yes, moving around is a pain. Power adaptors, crappy internet, lost days in airports, missing luggage, carrying things, finding decent accommodation, worrying about visas, changing money, etc.

I'm location independent and change base-cities every year or so. I also spend maybe 6 months per year on the road.

Honestly, I get more coding work done when I'm at my home-of-the-time. But a lot of the soft stuff: running in to people in related industries whose brains I can pick, spotting new potential hires, thinking up powerful bizdev ideas, etc. all happen far more on the road. I often stop for extended periods .. a week is typically the minimum.

I've found the most important thing to manage is my own motivation: if work is getting in the way of relaxing, I can it for awhile. If relaxing is getting in the way of work, I can it for awhile.

Being in a stationary, fixed environment with ongoing overheads and investments in random rapidly depreciating junk (like vehicles) is personally not a good situation for me. I get demotivated pretty immediately. On the other hand, sometimes transient living feels like it's getting long in the tooth, too. If that happens, I tend to switch it up a bit and pop cultures, rent a place longer term. The grass is always greener, right? As it turns out: often it is. And when you go back to somewhere you'd been before, both you and the place have changed.

Bonus poem excerpt (sorry to those scrolling!):

They'll allow me to choose,

Where to settle anew,

Be it in east or west.

But with dollar now sliding,

And frequent poor tidings,

The orient does rather seem best!

Aye if USA visas,

Berkeley feminist divas,

Could yet warrant a tired "may-be"...

With all due respect,

Most are pains in the neck,

And I love a good foreign lady.

So at present juncture,

(Passed global acupuncture)

I dream happily now of returning...

To the rhythms of life,

Of an eastern respite,

From the world of democracy burning.

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