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Nice. A similar (in spirit) hack I've used is to host the pixel on a CDN (like Akamai or Cloudfront) and run map reduce over the logs there. You don't get real-time, like this, but look ma, no server! CloudFront is especially useful since it can log directly to S3 and you can run elastic map reduce directly on those files.

I've started doing this as well, and it works well. Cloudfront lists their log delivery as "best effort" which gave me pause me at first. However, after a month of testing, I've seen the stats to be on part with Google Analytics.

I'd love to see an open source package emerge to implement the collection and the data processing. Cloudfront + Redshift would rock.

It exists :-) Check out https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow

Awesome! Thanks for the link

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