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One of the articles is making a massive deal about 'afford[ing] those grocery trips' and 'burning shitloads of gas'.

As someone who comes from a country where 'gas' is a shit load more expensive than the US because of tax I call utter bullshit. It costs about 20-40p to go to a supermarket, or at most a dollar in your US terms. Over here there's also a massive competition war going on at the moment between Tesco & Sainsbury's for local convenience stores which have a good percentage of your normal weekly shop if you were buying everything fresh.

I suspect that mom just preferred to serve up frozen shit. And bullshit again on stuff like TV dinners being cheaper than other foods, they're certainly not over here in the UK. A simple chilli or bolognese is much cheaper if you buy the raw ingredients than any processed foods.

I suspect the problem's more that Mom just doesn't know how to cook.

Grocery stores are hard to get to in an urban environment in America.

Also, it's hard to have time to cook when you're working two jobs.

Things like grocery stores tend to be further away in the US, thereby costing more fuel to get to.

The nearest grocery store to my house is about 35 miles away. The nearest Sams Club (big discount grocer) is about 60 miles away.

From the data I've found, this is incorrect. The average US household spends 4% of it's pretax income on gas, whereas the average British household spends around 10%



That may be true, but we're not talking about the average household.

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