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The answer is "love", you robots.

This is an answer to "Why in the hell are these people "producing" children, if they aren't 100% certain that they'll be able to support them for the years until they are old enough to stand on their own feet?"

No, lack of contraception is not the issue here either. What, do you think that because you have low monetary gain you are perpetually unhappy and would not want to have children? That all procreation coming the poorest are mistakes and accidents?

That's quite a nice bubble there. Sorry to burst it.

If two people love each other enough, they might want to have a child. Yes, even if the future is unclear. Yes, even if it means selling the car, taking the public transportation and working over time and having multiple jobs. Whether the situation is permanent or temporary is not even an issue here.


Plus. Having a marriage and children, and getting all financial assistance needed to achieve that is a human right.

The US has signed the treaty enshrining that principle into law ... case closed.

Does it really show love towards your partner, if you give him/her a big future financial burden? Also: does it show love towards the prospective child to give him birth into a family where it will suffer of the poverty?

That's implying that you "give" a child as a "surprise" when you are living with a partner.

Accidents being the exception, having a child is a huge decision. Especially if you are quite poor.

I have no idea what your personal experience of life is, nor your background. But you seem to have some skewed vision of life if you believe that "these people" shouldn't "produce children" as if the poor were not even humans.

Poor people have children for the same reasons rich people do. The only exception being that there are less gifts at christmas.

People dont produce children, Humans have sex, make babies. We've been doing it for as long as humans have existed.

How is that comment suppose to make somebody who is waiting for a better time to having a kid feel?

Are they robots for practicing family planning? Do they not familiar with "love"?

Nobody is criticizing people who practice family planning. A lot of comments do seem to be debating the merits of having children without acknowledging or seemingly comprehending that there is a huge emotional, non-rational component to that decision, regardless of the parents' annual income.

> The answer is "love", you robots.

Because "love" totally makes condoms not work.

When you are poor condoms are fucking expencive and don't work long term. There is a reason people sell cheap 2l soda despite the fact a 2l bottle coke is 'Realy Cheap' to 95+% of HN posters.

I thought planned parenthood type places gave condoms away.

There are fewer of those very day.

If you love cheap condoms, sure. Great for a one night, but not something you would want to use daily...

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