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Happy Programmers' Day (wikipedia.org)
245 points by alagappanr on Sept 13, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 66 comments

The apostrophe is in the wrong spot; it should be Programmers' Day.


On top of that, there are no such things as happy programmers. Why didn't anyone point that out?

I love that this is the first comment.

    o = (function() {
            p = 'programmer';
            d = 'day';
            h = 'Happy';
            r =  Math.floor((Math.random()*10000));
            (r % 2 === 0)?ap="'s":ap="s'";
            return h + ' ' + p + ap + ' ' + d;
awaits correction



Or legal ;)

Incorrect. The apostrophe is only after the possessive if the thing it's owning is plural in addition to the possessive. Day is not plural.

... what? Where did that grammar rule come from?

So are we supposed to take a holiday from programming on programmers day, or double our efforts and do more programming?

Or just drink a lot after work?


Traditional programmers day celebration in Bulgaria:

- Write meaningless programs

- Play games

- Drink beer

Same as most other days actually.

I think you mean play C-S 1.6 specifically and drink rakia.

What is the point in having such _days_? Consequently, shouldn't we also have a Scientists' day, an Actors' day, a Plumbers' day, blah blah? Everyone has a place in the universe. All we have to do is never to forget our true calling.

That's the heritage of Soviet Union, where people of labor were the cornerstone of ideology. Consequently every profession got the day to celebrate. I haven't seen it in any other country.

It varies country by country, but I'm pretty sure you'll find various aspects of humanity being celebrated on specific days (women, father/mother, workers, and so on), sometimes even at the UN level (i.e. theoretically worldwide). The point is to get mainstream attention to the achievements and problems of specific and necessary roles which would otherwise be mostly overlooked.

In some cases the celebration is named after the activity (e.g. fighting cancer), but meaning is exactly the same -- would calling it "Programming Day" suit you better?

Yes I do think the latter title would be more apt. :)

Programmers are awesome.

So we are. But then so are the others. Everyone, as long as he/she does great work, is awesome.

True, but we are also very playful!

I think it's part of the "awesome".

That's what Labor Day is for. It is a day to celebrate the contributions of all workers to the country.

Those days do exist, eg. Plumber's Day is April 25th.

They are taken about as seriously as Programmer's Day in most of the world (ie. not much, most people have no idea they exist, even people in that profession).

Born on Programmers' Day, I feel like the night I was born, a falling star killed the village elder.

"The night I was born, all of the screens in the hospital went blue"

Surely in a time where Programmers' Day has any meaning, the status of village elders has somewhat passed.

I was hoping someone would get the ADOM reference.

Who was also the village idiot.

So it's day 0x100. Good to know

Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

It's not Programmers' Day where I'm at. Stupid timezones!

Timezones: a bane of any programmer's existence.

Programmers' Day is UTC. If everyone used UTC, there would be no bane.

That and daylight time. Together they assure no uninterrupted sleep and no project completed on time.

can use to our advantage and claim we're working on a TZ several hours behind the rest of our coworkers.

"I'm not late yet!!!" :)

we need a _happy programmmers_ day

Null pointer referenced

Nobody would celebrate that. :D

heheh :)

Oh brother, just have a happy _programmers day_.

Programmers' Day lands on Friday the 13th hmmmm...

What are the odds!?

1:7 was my guess, but quick check from 1990 to 2200 shows it's much higher, in 60 out of 210 years it will be Friday on Programmers' Day, with all days occurring 29, 31, 30, 0, 60, 30 and 30 times for Monday through Sunday respectively.

Try this... version 13 of software... 13th rc release... on the 13th... in 2013.

Do we get a wish? If so, I'd like some extra time to develop some open source android apps. Been meaning to do so, but time...

So where's the obligatory google doodle? :)

If only I could convince my employer to give me the day off without using my annual leave allowance...

I think a better choice for Programmers' Day would be New Year's Day, as there is no day 0.

New Year's Day would still be Day 1.

Yes, that's point. 0 and 1. No day 0, so make it day 1.

You're just taunting us that the year isn't zero-indexed! You could at least have the decency to hide it from us like Oracle[1].

[1] http://www.techonthenet.com/oracle/functions/substr.php

Wow, that was upsetting to read.

The best part is that they have to keep it to maintain backwards compatibility!

That's when you bring down the deprecation hammer and create a new function with a different name and sane behavior. No need to actually remove the functionality at any point, but at least they could get code bases to phase it out.

Also, happy friday the 13th!

I intended to make some code check-in at work today as token of celebrating this day. But the task slipped. I should be able to do it by tomorrow evening though :)

One day I'll make use of the codeappreciationday.org site I got back in 2011. We should make it an official startup company holiday ;-).

This is how I feel today http://cdn.meme.li/i/mditt.jpg

It is officially recognized in Russia.

High fives all around

we made a plan for today - https://getssl.me/en/programmers-day

Ironically or not so much, it was just another miserable day for me.


Programmers' Day, Friday the 3th and my birthday!

Ones' complement to the day - 1111 1111

Thank you!

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