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Didn't Jobs say "Great Artists Steal."?

Users who are artists must heed these wise words.

All Hail the Cult Leader.

As for this "poem", I've seen better from kids in elementary school. This speaks to the creative aptitude of Apple's kernel engineers. Certainly not the strongpoint of their workforce.

What sort of royalties or up-front payments did CMU get for letting Apple use their kernel?

It's actually very nifty - if you use a "secret"(obscure) key or checksum to check authenticity of hardware, then it still could be legally duplicated as nothing before DMCA was passed would prohibit that. If you use a scrappy poem as that key/token... then it's clearly copyrightable, and its duplication by some other manufacturer can be restricted with ages-old laws.

Do you have a citation for the cases where Apple has successfully argued used this in court against some other party who was pirating OSX?

It's only "nifty" until it's put to the test and fails in court. It's "effective" as a way to protect software only in the minds of some Apple engineers; but a judge might not see it that way. There's no precedent to assure anyone that it would work. If there were, I suspect we'd see it in widespread use. Or maybe Apple has tried to patent it?

Perhaps the DMCA exists because "nifty" gimmicks like this one cannot be relied on?

Nice try.

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