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What I learned bootstrapping a 6-figure business from school (danshipper.com)
67 points by morefranco on Sept 12, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Great article man! Love all the philosophy of mind references. During my freshman seminar I had to read Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett, ended up switching me from going to the business school to being a philosophy major and 'Learning how to learn.'

Now that I've started learning how to program and working building a product I can't thank that professor. Whether learning what customers want, learning how to sell, or learning a new programming language / framework - it's essential to be able to pick up stuff quickly.

I hadn't thought about philosophy in awhile so thanks for reminding me the benefits of being able to clearly articulate complex ideas and make meaning out of uncertainty.

Thanks! I totally agree. Glad I could get you back on the philosophy kick, I think it's really useful for entrepreneurship.

"Any time you catch yourself saying, “Well look at how X big company does it.” or “Well X big company tried that and it didn’t work for them,” please smack yourself in the face."


Great post. Good practical exposition of Taleb's ideas. A lot of people mistakenly think he's theoretical.

Just chiming in to say that cargo cults were very real:


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